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4 Ways To Support Staff’s Mental Health

Create A Plan

With the new public health measures in place, staff may feel uncertain about their ability to enforce the requirements. Create your own, or use the template provided by the Sidney BIA to ensure all staff members are aware of the role they play and whom they should turn to if they need help.

Model Healthy Behaviours

Don’t just say you support mental health. Model it so that your team members feel they can prioritize self-care and set boundaries.

Build A Culture Of Connection Through Check-Ins

Intentionally checking in with each of your direct reports regularly is more critical than ever. That was important but often underutilized in pre-pandemic days. When someone shares that they’re struggling, you won’t always know what to say or do. What’s most important is to make space to hear how your team members are genuinely doing and be compassionate. They may not want to share much detail, which is completely fine. Knowing that they can is what matters.

Keep Staff Informed

Make sure you keep your team informed about any organizational changes and public health updates. Clarify any modified work hours and norms. Remove stress where possible by setting expectations about workloads, prioritizing what must get done, and acknowledging what can slide if necessary. There’s so much uncertainty surrounding the future. If staff feel they are up to date and informed of what’s happening, it represents one less worry in their lives. When staff can contribute to creating future plans, allow them to do so.

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