5 reasons why you should book your next vacation with a Travel Advisor

By the Sidney BIA in partnership with Elaine Kirwin, Owner of Expedia Cruises

To make the most of your adventure abroad, tapping into the expertise of a local Travel Advisor is a must-do. Travel Advisors are proving their worth more than ever before in light of the pandemic.

While it is currently not recommended to travel, planning your vacation now is a great way to keep your spirits high and support your local travel agencies. 

Here are a few reasons why booking with a travel agency is the smart and safe way to vacation.

1.     Travel Advisors have the inside scoop on COVID-19 safety procedures and travel restrictions. 

Travel Advisors are well connected and aware of the current state of the pandemic in other countries to ensure clients are travelling safely and respectfully. Travel Advisors take the immense amounts of information from global health authorities and distil it down to find what applies to you and your travels, allowing you to destress knowing you’re in good hands. 

2.     VIP Connections

Modern Travel Advisors have taken on a more complex role in your trip planning than simply booking you a bed and a flight. They have a wealth of institutional knowledge and collective experience to provide insider tips, one-of-a-kind deals and adventure recommendations to customize your experience and maximize your budget.

With in-house experts focusing on various components such as cruises, adventure tourism, all-inclusive and more, their wealth of knowledge will allow you to bring your dream holiday to life.

3.     Travel Insurance

At Expedia Cruises Sidney, staff are licenced to sell travel insurance. The importance of travel insurance cannot be understated. Knowing you’re adequately covered in case something doesn’t go to plan will give you the peace of mind needed to enjoy your vacation.

4.     Do I need a visa?

Often when travelling abroad, various forms of travel documentation are required. An added benefit of booking through a local Travel Advisor is the one-on-one assistance in navigating application processes as effectively and efficiently as possible.

5.     Safety Net

There’s nothing worse than arriving at the airport and seeing your flight has been cancelled, especially when you’re across the world! Booking with a Travel Advisor allows you to speak directly with a person and find a resolution that works for you. While it may be your first time experiencing a flight, train or bus cancellation, the experienced advisors know just what to do and will have you re-booked in no time.

We are fortunate in Sidney to have numerous local Travel Advisors ready and willing to help you plan your vacations for when it is safe to do so.

Expedia Cruises Sidney

Elaine Kirwin and her team have been providing the Sidney community with excellent service for over 30 years! Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge within their diverse team to bring your itinerary to life.

Departures Travel

Dreaming of safely exploring the world again? As professional travel advisors, we will help you navigate the new world of airlines, hotels, cruise lines and more.

Post-pandemic travel will be very different than pre-pandemic travel, and that is why you need our team by your side. We can handle anything that may arise when you’re on the road —from a missed flight connection to a hotel that closes unexpectedly, you will never be left alone.

The world will soon be ready for you to explore once again, and we’re here to be your right-hand travel companion. Call us to discuss your next vacation. 

Marlin Travel

Marlin Travel Sidney at 2468 Beacon Ave (advisor’s Susan Morrison, Catriona Charles and Kelly Munroe) is a full service travel agency. 

Research shows that planning travel boosts happiness. Travel advisor’s are travellers themselves. While Covid-19 related travel restrictions are constantly changing it is your Marlin Travel Advisor’s job to be up to date and in the know. For many people the thought of planning their future travel in the time of Covid 19 is overwhelming but that is where Marlin Travel can step in and provide expert advice and personalized service. 

Far & Away Adventures

Far and Away Adventures is a 25 year old company that specializes in providing unique travel experiences. They have years of experience planning group trips, holiday travel and small ship expedition cruises.

Owner Normand Schafer took his family on a year-long sailing trip through the islands of Tahiti, the Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu. Since then his specialty creates memorable South Pacific journeys including deluxe Tahitian freighter cruises, idyllic island escapes and opportunities to make local friendships.