Pure Body Health

Gavin Henderson-Peal is the founder of Pure Body Health and the PBH Wellness Group, which opened its second wellness centre at 2489 Sidney Avenue.

Gavin’s passion for business began at a very young age when, along with a few friends, they would create little ventures to earn something beyond an allowance. This passion grew to start his first subcontracting company while still in high school, and the adventure continued from there. His interest in fitness and wellness took root and developed throughout university when he began going to the gym regularly and proceeded to gain an interest in training and nutrition. Before opening the first Pure Body Health in Victoria, BC, Gavin opened and operated private training gyms that later evolved into wellness studios.

Pure Body Health is a multidisciplinary wellness centre that offers services to maintain mental and physical health such as acupuncture, registered massage therapy, naturopathy, nutrition, infrared sauna, counselling and more.

PBH Wellness Group and Gavin Henderson-Peal founded its first stand-alone Pure Body Health location in December of 2016 in Downtown Victoria and hoped to continue to grow across the Island without losing the core values the first location was built on.

A discussion with Gavin Henderson-Peal,

Founder and C.E.O of Pure Body Health and the PBH Wellness Group

Why did you choose Sidney as the location for your business?

“Since opening my first clinic, I felt that something like Pure Body Health along with its services and vision was needed here in Sidney; beyond that, timing is everything. I think Sidney has so much potential and growth to come, but most of all, it’s feel and energy in this town I truly love and only want to add to.”

How would you describe your experience in the Sidney community?

“I have gotten to know some residence in Sidney, and the neighbouring businesses have been very supportive and welcoming. Working with the township was a very smooth and informative process as there are always learning curves when building in a new town or city. On the streets, everyone is very friendly, but I haven’t quite had the opportunity to be here long enough to really get the feel of Sidney, so I guess you could say we are in the honeymoon phase. Overall, my experience has been very positive, and I look forward to meeting more of the community.”

What has been the most rewarding aspect of running your business so far?

“Above all, the most rewarding aspect is when I hear about what our amazing staff and practitioners do for our clients. Hearing that feedback is better than any amount of money and helping our clients live a healthy, happy lifestyle is the reason that we are here. Another rewarding part of running Pure Body Health is building a work family, which evolved into having a work wife, Lauren Wills, who first started with me at the age of 17 and is now part of each clinic as we grow. I have been fortunate, and one could say, blessed with the amazing staff and practitioners past and present. As I open more locations and grow, my goal is to know each and every person who works for the company and to remember everyone’s birthday (this is my goal, but I often forget my own birthday, so no promises, but I think you get the idea).”

What are the core values of your business?

“Being able to give your best without losing a sense of who you are. When you are a business owner, people often think you are supposed to be all these special things, but ultimately, we are all human. Understanding this is very important; if you don’t understand that all those around you are human, nothing else will fall into place, and we all need to treat each other with the same respect. I want to make sure that Pure Body Health is a company that remains there for the people to represent what wellness is about, both the mental and physical aspects creating a happy and healthy lifestyle in the business and outside.”

What are your short term and long-term goals as a business owner?

“My short-term goal is to keep the doors open, the lights on, and food on everyone’s table. In the long term, I have an expansion plan which involves opening locations across Vancouver Island. I am going to pause at five locations to let the dust settle. If I find five is a good spot, and we are able to run the business well enough, not losing who we are and our values, then I will continue to grow to meet our clients’ and industry needs. If we lose who we are after opening these, I won’t go forward with opening any further locations until we have found our roots again. In the end, it is about remaining who we are as a company and evolving with the times. If we maintain what Pure Body Health is about, then we will continue with the plan to grow.”

If you could give one piece of advice to a new entrepreneur, what would it be?

“Learn from your mistakes, and don’t be afraid to make them. It is inevitable; we are all human and will grow from our mistakes.”