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Victoria Carriage Tours

Business Address: 6924 West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay BC
Recruiter Name:
Emily-May Bebb

Hiring For: Farm hand for our farm in Brentwood Bay as well as Carriage Drivers for Downtown Victoria

On the farm we always need help with many different jobs, including feeding & grooming the horses, assisting in general care, and helping with farm clean up. Horse experience is an asset as we have a big herd of drafts so applicants must be comfortable around horses and able to move around them safely.

We are also hiring for Carriage Driver positions in down town Victoria. We provide narrated tours of the historical areas in Victoria to locals and visitors alike. Being a Carriage Driver means spending the day with your trusty steed, as well as passing on the historical information we provide employees with to the guests aboard the carriage.

  • What are 3 interesting things your business does?

    Providing historical tours in historical vehicles is a quaint, relaxing, and old fashioned way to see an old fashioned city that our guests truly enjoy.

    Working with animals is what it is all about for us. For both our employees and our customers the horses are the highlight of the experience.

    We do things a little differently on our farm to make sure that the horses have the best home life possible. All 22 of our horses live in one big herd with the freedom to roam fields and forests on the property when they are not working.

  • What are 3 benefits or cool features of working at your business?

    Working with Victoria Carriage Tours on the farm or as a Carriage Driver means you get to work with horses all day. You get to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors and the companionship of our amazing draft horses.

    We consider our company a family and employees are welcome to spend time with the horses on days off too! Employees are welcome to take horses on trail rides or just visit them on the farm!

    We are a seasonal business, so we can be a very good fit for students. Our busiest times of the year are when most high school and university students are on break, so employment with us can be the perfect summer job.

  • How to apply to work here

    Send an email to with your resume and indicate which position you are interested in please